How Can I Stock Traidcraft Products?

Traidcraft provides one of the widest and best ranges of fair trade products in the UK, and offers resources that make it easy to buy fair trade and sell to others. Unlike many commercial companies who sell Fairtrade-certified products, Traidcraft plc is dedicated to applying fair trade principles across our whole range and working differently, striving to be the change we want to see in society. 

Whether you’re buying fair trade for your shop, workplace, place of worship, school, sports club, stall or community group, there are many advantages to buying your fair trade supplies from us.

Buy for Your Business or Organisation

Find out how to sell fair trade in a shop or online businessthrough an organisation or any kind of commercial premises.

Buy for Your Community

We are proud to have more than 4,000 Fairtraders who buy and sell our fair trade food, drink and crafts in their places of worship and wider communities. 

Buy for Your Place of Worship

If you’d like a fair trade presence within your church, mosque, temple or synagogue, take a look here to discover the ways you can make that possible.

What are the Benefits of Buying and Selling Fair Trade?

When you choose to buy and sell Traidcraft products, you’re supporting Traidcraft's pioneering work in transforming the lives of small-scale artisans, farmers and their communities across the developing world. You’re also helping to spread the word of the fair trade movement, potentially to people who wouldn’t regularly purchase fair trade. Every additional customer who discovers fair trade is a step towards achieving justice and fairness within the trade system. Discover more of the advantages of fair trade. 

At Traidcraft, we are on a mission to create real, sustainable change in the word of trade and become the best ethical business there is. The products we sell through third-party suppliers, as well as our Traidcraft-branded goods, are one of the ways in which we do this – which you can offer too! Find out how our products go further than just fair and protect our environment, as well as what we do, why and how we’re different.

Why Buy Fair Trade Products from Traidcraft?

Apart from the many benefits fair trade offers to producers, artisans and growers around the world, as well as to the environment, buying your fair trade products through us is supporting a greater movement. We are passionate about trade, social and environmental justice. We’re the original fair trade pioneers in the UK, and advocate the importance of organic farming, sustainability, and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world. 

Here are some of the many advantages of buying and selling fair trade products with Traidcraft:

Our extensive product ranges

We offer a broad selection of high-quality, ethical goods including food, drink, crafts, gifts and luxury items. We believe that consuming ethically shouldn’t mean compromising on quality; our range is carefully and expertly curated. 

Our values and vision

We always go further than just fair. You can rely on us to make the right, most ethical decision, for people and the planet. Every time.

Outstanding customer service

We have a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated Customer Support Team, who are genuinely motivated and empowered to get their jobs done, and who put our valued customers above all else.

Dedicated, in-house Warehouse Team

Our experienced warehouse team (with over 221 years' experience to their name) pick, pack and dispatch almost 70,000 parcels a year. 

Fulfilling your orders

We can pack parcels of all shapes and sizes and deliver on pallets, as well as using DPD as our eco-friendly courier choice. Our eco-friendly packaging includes paper void fill, paper tape and compostable outer bags.

Product Packaging

Recyclable, recycled or compostable, you can rest assured that the packaging our fair trade products arrive in, have the environment’s interests at heart. 

Excellent value for money

Our carefully curated range is competitively priced. Purchasing cases, rather than single items, is a great way to save money, as well as packaging.

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