Natural Cleaning & Eco-Friendly Household

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  1. Bio-D Limescale Remover (500ml)
    Bio-D Limescale Remover (500ml)
    As low as £3.50 £2.92
  2. Bio-D Hypoallergenic Sanitising Hand Wash Geranium & Grapefruit (500ml)
    Bio-D Hypoallergenic Sanitising Hand Wash Geranium & Grapefruit (500ml)
    As low as £4.30 £3.58
  3. Traidcraft Recycled Toilet Tissue (4 rolls)
    Traidcraft Recycled Toilet Tissue (4 rolls)
    As low as £2.80 £2.33
  4. Together Green Recycled Kitchen Roll (2 pack)
    Together Green Recycled Kitchen Roll (2 pack)
    As low as £1.80 £1.50
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Transform household chores with Traidcraft’s selection of fair trade and natural cleaning products and eco-friendly laundry supplies. Whether you’re mopping up a spill or embarking on a huge spring cleaning session, you’ll find a green cleaning product here to suit for the very purpose.

Once you’ve switched your household to all-natural cleaning supplies, you won’t go back. Our Clean & Fair range of fair trade and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, from skin-caressing handwash and traditional solid soap that's bursting with sustainably-sourced FairPalm and fragrant essential oils, to washing up liquid and dishwashing accessories made with a natural philosphy in mind. Even doing the laundry can be all-natural, when you use our eco-friendly laundry liquid. Why not store dirty laundry in a handwoven basket or hamper, while you’re at it? And why stop there? Transform your bathroom into an eco-friendly paradise with our selection of recycled paper toilet rolls, tissues, and towels. Creating an eco-friendly household doesn’t have to be aspirational. You can make it real.

Many of our household cleaning items contain the world's only fair trade, organic palm oil, called FairPalm. FairPalm protects the environment while also supporting smallholder growers across the world. FairPalm uses organic palm oil in a way that supports smallholder growers and allows the palm plants to grow naturally. There’s no usage of any chemical nasties to increase production or reduce pests – as organic methods are used which encourages palm fruits to grow in the most natural of ways.