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  1. Ma’s Organic Korma Curry (110g)
    Ma’s Organic Korma Curry (110g)
    As low as £3.79 £3.79
  2. Ma’s Organic Veggie Curry Paste (110g)
    Ma’s Organic Veggie Curry Paste (110g)
    As low as £3.79 £3.79
  3. Traidcraft Organic Raspberry Jam (340g)
    Traidcraft Organic Raspberry Jam (340g)
    As low as £4.99 £4.16
  4. Just5 Organic Date & Walnut Bar
    Just5 Organic Date & Walnut Bar
    As low as £1.25 £1.25
  5. Traidcraft Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Biscuits (200g)
    Traidcraft Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Biscuits (200g)
    As low as £4.08 £3.40
  6. Liberation Crunchy Peanut Butter (350g)
    Liberation Crunchy Peanut Butter (350g)
    As low as £2.75 £2.75
  7. Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta (500g)
    Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta (500g)
    As low as £2.80 £2.80
  8. Traidcraft Fruit & Nut Muesli (500g)
    Traidcraft Fruit & Nut Muesli (500g)
    As low as £4.20 £3.50
  9. Zaytoun Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 Litre)
    Zaytoun Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 Litre)
    As low as £26.25 £26.25
  10. Tropical Wholefoods Sultanas (500g)
    Tropical Wholefoods Sultanas (500g)
    As low as £4.30 £4.30
  11. Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade (340g)
    Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade (340g)
    As low as £3.20 £3.20
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Make your mealtimes fairer with the irresistible range of fair trade and organic food online at Traidcraft. We've sourced from around the world the very finest fair trade foods and sustainably sourced ingredients so you can fill up your shopping list with ethical essentials from our online shop, and feel good in more ways than one! 

If you are wondering: “What is fair trade food?”, it's all about a fair supply chain, where small-scale farmers and producers are treated with dignity, respect, equality and fairness. Sourcing these foods involves developing trading partnerships to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. Help us support small-scale farmers and browse our online groceries.

Our range of store cupboard staples includes breakfast cereals such as tasty and nutritious muesli and granola, made with fruit, nuts and cereals that have been fairly sourced from traditional growers. Then there are our jams and spreads and fair trade honey to smother, drizzle and dollop, and sugar to add just the right amount of sweetness to your tea or coffee. Your groceries will be perfect for a tasty breakfast!

For easy, filling lunches or delicious dinner items, browse our ranges of pasta, rice and grains, to mix up with flavourful chilli sauces, pesto and pickles. Handmade by independent farmers, from organic ingredients and using traditional techniques passed down through the generations, they're the perfect partner to hand-rolled cous cous or organic pasta - or browse our range of herbs and spices and cooking oils to whip up some amazing creations of your own!

Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? In our confectionery range you'll discover indulgent fair trade and organic chocolate bars and sweets to share, which also make great gifts from our online store. Or tuck into tempting biscuits, snacks and snack bars in all your favourite flavours. We've even made sure that special diets are well catered-for in our fair trade and organic products range too, with a fantastic choice of vegan and vegetarian-friendly foods for your grocery list - so everyone can enjoy a taste of fair trade, every day!